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HD Profile Picture

When you press and hold the profile picture of any Instagram user, you can see it in HD quality and see it with zooming-zoom out possibilities.

Download Profile Images

Press and hold to download the profile picture you have enlarged by holding it down again.

Camera Icon

You can prevent or activate Instagram videos from starting automatically when you hold down the camera icon on the top left. Is enabled by default.

Fast-Forward and Rewind Videos

You can fast-forward or rewind by pressing and holding any Instagram video and then sliding your finger.

Hide Read DM

In InstAero Settings > Privacy, you can prevent the "seen" from going to the other people by activating the "Don't mark messages as read" option.

If you reply to a message but still appear unread; o press and hold on the conversation and tap "Mark as read".

Hide View Stories

You can enable this feature in InstAero > Privacy. With this feature (Don't tell anyone that you viewed Stories), no one knows you've seen the story.

Hide Typing...

You can hide "writing ..." for your chats in InstAero > Privacy settings.

Open Links from within the InstAero

To visit sites in Instagram without the need for an additional browser, enable the "Enable in-app browser".

Option in InstAero Settings > General settings.

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Copy Biographies

Once you have entered an Instagram user's profile, tapping the biography once will copy the biography.

Home Icon

By holding down the home icon on the bottom left, you can open the menu specially designed for developers.

Copy Comments

Select any comment and copy it by touching the middle icon (classic copy icon) from the options above.

Translate Comments

Select any comment and touch the translate icon on the left (classic translation icon) from the options above.
Google and Yandex engines are used to translate, you can edit them in InstAero Settings > Translation Settings.

Like With Double Touch

Sometimes you may be accidentally touching and doing likes, no problem.
In InstAero Settings > General settings, disable "Enable double-tap to like".

Download With Double Tap

In InstAero Settings > General settings, you can enable the "Download media on double tap" option to download every media file you double-tap to your device.

Browse Photos Closely

In InstAero Settings > General settings, see "Zoom photos on long tap." You can zoom out or zoom in on the photos you hold down by activating.

Automatically Start Videos with Audio

If you enable the "Start videos directly with sound" option in InstAero Settings, you don't need to touch the video to unmute the Instagram videos.

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Disable Navigation Gestures

If you disable the "Slide Navigation" option in InstAero Settings > General settings, your finger gestures on the home screen will be disabled.

Example of finger movements:
Slide your finger to the left on the home screen to open your DM page.

Two-line message box in DM

From InstAero Settings  > Personalization Preferences, With the "Two-line message box in DM" option, you can expand the area in which you write a message.

At the same time, this feature can prevent accidental "heart" sending.

Easily Identify Your Followers

If you see a "(FOLLOWS YOU)" warning when you enter the profile of any Instagram user, that user is following you.

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