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AeroInsta, protecting your privacy, enhancing your application experience; is a meticulously crafted masterpiece to make it easy, fun and useful.


Remove limits with developer options.

Hold the home button and access developer options for unlimited feature after downloading AeroInsta.

You can access thousands of awesome features that you wouldn't be able to do in the original Insta using the developer options.


Tired of ads?

Through to AeroInsta, you won't see any boring Insta ads. Just refresh your feed once and say goodbye to boring ads.


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Our awesome features

Remove liked posts

Ability to hide the posts you like before.

Download everything

The ability to download all stories, reels videos, IGTV videos, in short; download all posts with one click.


The ability to hide view stories, typing... and reading messages.

Follows you?

The ability to find out if a user is following you or not follows you by visiting their profile.

Disable analytics

The ability to prevent Insta from collecting data about your account.

Play with sound

Ability to automatically audio-on start stories and posts without touching the screen.

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Frequently asked questions

No. Aero Insta does not harm your Insta account.

No. Aero Insta does not store or share any data about your account and device.

No. It has never been a paid app and will never be a paid app.

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